Baked Goodness

Wallflour bakery is a seriously dedicated (delicious) Gluten-Free Bakery that specializes in Vegan * Soy-Free * Organic  cakes & pastries!

~located in Greensboro NC~

We are a made-to-order bakery!

It is our mission to bring you honest, mind-blowingly amazing, gluten free & vegan treats baked with love that are not only good for you, but satisfy that sweet tooth without worry. We bake up healthy specialty sweet alternatives that will put a smile on your face, all while nourishing you from the inside out.

Food is the fuel to our being and we believe it is important to be kind to your body and consume only what works in harmony with your system. That being said, we all deserve a cupcake... or a cookie... maybe even a slice of pie?... so go ahead! Devour that confection and do a little happy dance because you are not alone! 


Enjoy mindfully :)


wallflour bakery~ sweet treats for everybelly since  2014 xoxo!