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Hey Babes, I am so happy you are here & that you exist!

owner & head baker

First things first, I will forever be a curious kid in the kitchen. I let my senses and deep love of food guide me. I have never been to culinary school. I... am not classically trained and I don't like rules. As a self taught lady, I rely on intuition, personal taste and inspiration to fuel me through the magical process that is alternative baking. Oh, I love it! SO so much, with all my


Food is my love language. When I bake I am pouring my soul into every bite, just for you. Yes, I am channeling all the Great-Grandmothers! Yes, I am obsessed with fresh ingredients! Yes, I will celebrate this beautiful life with a big ol' slice of cake, thank you very much!


I want you to feel nourished & super spoiled at the same time. 


This is why creating the most delicious treats that also *vibe* with EVERY body is my passion. I have spent years creating recipes (so. many. treats.) to craft the absolute best gluten-free, vegan, soy-free & organic pastries you have ever put in your mouth! I believe in health & wellness, I also believe that includes treating yourself <3

Ooh, yeah, also...

I love to share what I know! From teaching kids the art of cupcake decorating to inspiring adults to get in the kitchen and give this baking thing a try... I adore exploring and experimenting with you! If you have a curious little kid or are one yourself, we should hang out & bake, it'll be fun!

Allison Royal


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