Vanilla Bean Dream

Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Vanilla-Bean-Cream Frosting

Death by Devils' Food

Rich Dark Devil's Food Cake with Fudge Frosting and Chocolate Chips

Cinnamon Twist

Moist Vanilla Cake swirled with cinnamon and topped with Brown Sugar "Butter" Cream

Lemon Love

Light Lemon Cake with Whipped Lemon Cream Frosting + Zest

Honey Bunny Carrot Cake 

Spiced Carrot Cake chock full of goodness with a "Cream Cheesy" Honey Frosting

Fat Elvis

Banana Cake studded with Chocolate Chunks and a Peanut Butter Ganache Frosting

Coconut Cream

Luscious Coconut Cake with Whipped Coconut-Vanilla Bean Frosting + Toasted Coconut

German Chocolate

Light Chocolate  Cake with a Date+Pecan Caramel + Toasted Coconut

Strawberry  Fields

Moist Strawberry Cake with Fresh Sliced Berries between Layers of Vanilla Cream Frosting

Ducle De Leche

Vanilla Bean Cake dripping with Homemade Coconut Ducle De Leche Sauce

The Only Chocolate  Bar Cake

Rich Chocolate Cake with a Whipped Vanilla-Bean Cream Frosting full of chopped Dark  Chocolate! 

~layered round party cakes~

                   6"            serves  6-8                           -50-                    

                   8"            serves  8-12                          -60-

                   9"            serves  12-16                         -70-

                  10 "          serves   16-20                        -85-

                  12"           serves   25-35                       -110-

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